Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weekly Log 9-26-11 to 10-2-11

Monday: 11 miles - Rome Point trails and beach alone.  Felt like summer out there - 83 degrees.  I was feeling good and pushed an aggressive pace.  I reached the bridge 2:30 faster than on a normal day.  I tried not to make eye contact with the guy in the banana hammock.  Total time: 1:14:56.  Great run. 

Tuesday: 10 miles - Big River trails alone.  I was looking to mix up my routine and ventured out to Big River.  Immediately, I noticed that my legs were tired, so this run was a bit of a challenge on the technical terrain.  The deer I encountered today were really jumpy.  Good thing, this place will be crawling with hunters soon, and I won't come again until spring.  Total time: 1:18:16. 

Wednesday: 7 miles - Ryan Park trails solo.  My plan was to go for 9 miles, but my legs weren't feeling up to it.  I took it real easy.  The town has done a ton of trail work since the hurricane.  Total time: 55:48. 

Thursday: 9 miles - Quonset Bike Path workout with Calf Pasture Point cooldown.  I thought I would be running another workout in the rain, but instead I ran in July-like soup.  I had planned on a nice little warm up, but decided to get right into the workout.  I know I probably should be doing one, but I'm much more motivated to run hard when I first start.  So, I repeated the same workout as the last two: 2 mile/1 mile/800/400.  Results: 12:28/5:58/2:58/1:19.  I was disappointed in the 2 mile time, but content with the rest.  I was a hot sweaty mess afterwards.  I briefly stopped at my car and then headed out on an enjoyable 4+ mile cooldown.  I had to make a few daring jumps on the beach as the tidal streams were raging.  Total time: 66 minutes. 

Friday: 6 miles - Gravelly Hill trail with Jon.  My original idea was to run this out and back trail twice for 12 miles, but Jon and I gave it a good effort after a slow start, and I was content with just 6.  Total time: 45:18. 

Saturday: 4 miles - Cambridge roads with Sarah and Chris.  An easy run around mostly the Harvard Square section, including the path along the Charles River. 

Sunday: 0 - post-wedding day.  Nice little hike on the trails near Stepstone Falls in Arcadia with the family in the afternoon. 

Overall: Strong start to the week.  I thought I would go 50+.  Fun weekend = not much running. 

Weekly Total: 47 miles
Last Week: 40 miles
Year to Date: 1777 miles

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