Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weekly Log 9-5-11 to 9-11-11

Monday: 9 miles - Carter Preserve trails alone.  I didn't feel like running in Burlingame, so I finally drove down the road to run the trails I've only hiked before. I was a little hesitant to run here, but I couldn't find any information for or against trail running.  Since I was leaving only footprints I felt okay about it.  The trails were fantastic and I was able to get a nine mile lollipop loop in.  The out and back portion was on rolling curvy single track with excellent footing.  The loop was on old roads, either dirt or grass.  The highlight was a big climb up a power line with fantastic views to the west.  Total time: 69 minutes. 

Tuesday: 0 - crappy weather day, crappy day at work, first day of school for my son, and I was content to drink coffee instead of run on my break. 

Wednesday: 9 miles - Quonset Bike Path workout - 2 mile/1 mile/800 with long Calf Pasture Point cool down on roads, trails, and beach.  I got the idea for this workout after reading the latest edition of Level Renner.  I thought I would try it after the 50K, but I was in the mood to do it today.  My plan was to run a 3+ mile warm up, do the workout (goals: sub 12:30, sub 6:00, 2:55 800), then a 2 mile cool down.  However, with the dreary weather, I really wasn't feeling the warm up, and I was afraid it would make me not do the workout, so I just got right to work.  I was happy that my lungs were burning for every effort, and each distance felt hard.  The results:  12:02 (6:04/5:58) / 6:01 / 2:51 - I was really happy with the two miles.  The mile I was at 2:57 halfway and finished strong, so I don't know what happened in between.  I had no idea what to expect with the 800 and was pleased with the time.  Before embarking on my cool down I opted to ditch my soaked shirt.  I hit the beach right during a rain squall and got pretty cold.  I turned around before hypothermia set in, and it was much warmer in the woods.  Total time: 67:30. 

Thursday: 10 miles - Rome Point trails and beach alone.  I ran during a decent break in the weather between the remnants of Lee and hurricane Katia.  The temp was only 65, but boy was it humid.  I was shuffling along at a decent pace on tired legs.  I ran into 6 deer in 4 different locations.  These deer have no fear of humans.  My advice is that they don't wander out of the wildlife preserve.  I was excited to hit the beach and have no impediments to reach the bridge.  There was a good variety of birds including 2 oystercatchers.  I really enjoy running on the beach, despite the horrible footing at times.  Back in the woods, I wandered around and almost figured out a good 10 mile course, but I'm still a tad short.  Total time: 69:27. 

Friday: 9 miles - Ryan Park trails alone.  It was nice to have some sun today, but it was still muggy.  My legs are sore from the Wednesday workout, so I took it easy.  Nothing out of the ordinary to report.  I was just under 8 minute mile pace for 8 miles and then cranked the last one.  Total time: 69:09. 

Saturday: 0 - I wasn't motivated to get my act together early just to run a couple of miles. 

Sunday: 14 miles - Burlingame trails with Muddy.  Good run.  Cool start (54 degrees).  We began at the picnic area and did the same loop as the week prior, except explored a side "trail".  The pace was decent too.  Total time: 1:47.  I can't believe how easy 14 miles feels! 

Overall:  Okay week.  I wish I ran 6 days instead of 5, but I guess I should be tapering anyway.  Right? 

Weekly Total: 51 miles
Last Week: 70 miles
Year to Date: 1630 miles

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