Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thursday and Friday

Despite three straight days of running on sore legs, my body felt good on Thursday.  After morning rain, I assumed the cooler, drier air had moved in.  My plan was to repeat a workout I did several weeks back on the Quonset Bike Path - 4 x half miles with half mile jogs between.  Upon leaving the office, I quickly realized that the weather was hotter and way more humid than I expected.  Earlier in the summer, I would not have run, but now I am acclimated to these conditions.  My results:  3:00/2:58/2:57/3:08  Definitely more challenging than last time when I ran faster.  I knew I wasn't as fast, but I'm happy with how I felt doing this in the heat. 

The weather couldn't have been better on Friday.  The only problem was that I was stuck at the office.  As the day wore on, it became more apparent that I would have to run late in the afternoon.  Finally, I was able to leave and decided to run the Gravelly Hill trails (SKLT property).  Basically an out and back course, I did get a little confused in a new section and did a small loop that added 2 minutes to my time each way.  The trails are really fun - smooth enough to go fast, but hilly (I counted 11 each way!).  I reached half way in 27:58, then turned around and finished in 56:52.  Based on the effort, and the dry air, I called it 8 miles. 

At night, my wife and I went to Providence for Indian food and to see Social Distortion at Lupo's. 


  1. How were "Story of My Life" and "Ball and Chain"?

  2. The best. My personal favorite is Sick Boy, which they played as well....