Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Breaking the Rules

This afternoon, after two days of catch-up at the office, I was able to go out for a nice run.  My goal was to run 8 miles, following a course I had previously mapped out.  I decided to not follow my new training plans (based on advice on runners better than me) of running slower.  I wanted to see if I still had "it".  "It" being my fitness pre-summer.  The weather was awesome - misty, windy, and cool for a late August day - temps in the 60's.  I kept my first mile comfortable but fast - 6:52.  My legs and hips felt a little tight and tired trying to keep up this pace for the next few miles.  At what I thought was the 5 mile mark (I was wrong), I was somewhere in minute 33.  This motivated me to keep pushing myself.  After missing a turn thanks to a beeping car, I had to scramble to find more side roads to reach my 8 mile goal.  I'd like to take credit for nailing it right on 8, but I'm sure luck had something to do with it.  My total time was 54:36 - 6:49 pace. 


  1. Damn!! Nice run, Jonny!! And to think, you were complaining about "lost fitness"...Lost fitness, my a**!!!! ;)