Monday, August 30, 2010

Charlestown Police FOP 5K 2010

I am what I am. 

Yesterday morning I ran a local 5K.  With a 9am start, the weather was dry and not too hot (about 70 degrees).  I was hoping to meet up with Justin or possibly my father at the race when I arrived, but didn't see them.  I checked in, and headed out for a short warm up.  My body was feeling pretty good after being sore the previous two days from bodyboarding Thursday night.  My goal, as usual, was to be sub 20 minutes.  I felt this was the race that I would attain it.  Despite being a small race, there seemed to be some good runners in attendance, and I hoped that I would be pushed to keep up my pace throughout.  I lined up behind some guys in jerseys, Chad Greene, and a few others.  At the gun, I felt nice and loose.  I wanted to utilize my fast start, and then just hang on for the last two miles.  Right away, people were passing me, until about a half mile in.  No one else passed me the entire rest of the way.  Chad was still not too far ahead at the 1 mile mark - 6:19.  I was feeling pretty confident.  I had to work harder to keep up my pace, but I was now catching and passing people.  The course was flat, but twisty, which kept it interesting.  The only problem was that it was fully exposed to the sun, and I was feeling hot.  Mile 2 was not marked or manned as Mile 1 was.  I was a little annoyed at this, as I had no idea if I was still on pace, but I felt good about passing two more people.  My pace was even for the finish - I wasn't sure if my body was capable of sprinting.  I also had a mental let down, as I could tell I would not break twenty minutes.  I felt a little bummed about this, as I thought I ran a strong race, but I guess I am what I am.  The results:

Sunday, August 29, 2010 Charlestown, RI

Place Div/Tot No. Name Ag S City St Time Pace
1 1/30 109 LONERGAN ERIC 24 M N KINGSTOWN RI 15:58 5:09
2 2/30 101 AHNRUD GREG 23 M CHEPACHET RI 16:40 5:22
3 1/14 49 Marsella Michael 15 M Hope Valley RI 16:53 5:27
4 3/30 39 Holgate David 24 M N Providence RI 17:41 5:42
5 4/30 121 DANIELS MICHAEL 31 M W WARWICK RI 18:05 5:50
6 5/30 1 SEEKELL JASON 33 M CHARLESTOWN RI 18:16 5:53
7 1/15 91 CASPERSON THOMAS 45 M CRANSTON RI 18:20 5:55
8 2/15 75 Schaad Dave 48 M E Greenwich RI 18:30 5:58
9 6/30 37 Greene Chad 34 M S Attleboro MA 18:35 5:59
10 7/30 78 THIBODEAU MICHAEL 39 M E GREENWICH RI 18:56 6:06

16 11/30 160 HAMMETT JONATHAN 35 M CHARLESTOWN RI 20:12 6:31


  1. Good race, Jonny. It was probably a slow day. The winner is very fast and is usually at or under 15:30. Don't feel too badly. Keep doing 5k's they will make you faster and 19 minutes will come.

  2. Nice race. I love the picture of the kids. Man, they're looking older everyday.

  3. 16th does not seem shabby to me!

    Love the new header picture:)

  4. Tony, don't beat yourself up. It was pretty warm on Sunday! I'm sure you ran great anyway.

    Sorry I didn't make it there.

  5. Thanks all for the encouragement!