Friday, September 10, 2010

Hill Workout

On Friday, I decided to do a hill workout for a final Pisgah Mtn tune up.  Instead of finding a route with multiple hills, I concluded running up the biggest, steepest hill around repeatedly would be the best test of my fitness.  I had run the hill on Gilbert Stuart Road with my coworker Tom a couple of times last year, and figured that would be my best bet.  Mapping it out online, the route starts at sea level (top of the tidal Narrow River) and rises to over 210 feet in a short span.  I picked this not just for the challenge of running up, but coming down is a hard workout in itself.  The weather was cool and cloudy - high 60's.  Despite feeling a little silly passing the same houses several times, this run was a blast, especially the last trip up and down.  My times - 6 x 1 mile (odd miles uphill, even down)

8:03 / 7:17 / 8:07 / 7:26 / 7:53 / 6:30


  1. Sweet! You are ready to run a great race. Hay is in the barn now. Just run easy, low mileage. You can stay at my house if you need to.

  2. Nice job T-bone...gonna be a good week of running..and I think Eazy G is right about the hay...

    Have fun this weekend guys!!!!