Monday, September 27, 2010

Post Race Week in Review

I began the week wondering how much I really wanted to run.  I was elated with my Pisgah 23K race and felt great about my ability on the mountain trails, but I was having a bit of a letdown on where to go from here.  I'd love to do more trail races this fall, however, schedule-wise it probably won't work.  There's the Lil' Rhody Runaround later in November, but besides that, I don't foresee anything else.  I have an aggressive goal for that one.  I guess that will be my focus as I run this fall. 

Monday, after indulging in a delicious lunch - Nova Scotia Lox bagel sandwich from Bagelz, I played two sets of tennis with Rob.  My body was sore from racing, but not too bad at all.  The tennis was a nice change of pace.  Tuesday, I was very sore, and instead of running on my break, I opted for an iced coffee and a catnap in my car.  Wednesday, my legs were still not feeling great, but I was able to get in a nice relaxed 5 mile trail run in Ryan Park with two of the guys from work.  Thursday, I had the urge to run along a beach, so I hit up the trails of Rome Point and added 2 miles of coastline (almost to the bridge).  The scenery and my recovered body made this a great run (at a pretty good pace too).  Friday, I returned to Rome Point with 3 coworkers, and then Dan and I ran the roads back to the office.  We pushed some of the hillier sections on the trails.  Saturday, I was home with the kids, and later in the day we met up with friends at the beach.  I was able to do some bodysurfing and bodyboarding in some crazy windswell with Steve, before heading out to El Fuego for fish tacos.  Another nice family day on Sunday rounded out the week. 

The plan for this week is to run as much as the weather allows and get my double bass ready for a gig on Friday night! 

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