Thursday, September 2, 2010

Running in the Heat Wave

I just got back from my second run in the 90 degree heat wave this week.  Monday, I waited it out as long as possible, and then hit up the Gravelly Hill trails on my 4pm "lunch break".  The temperature had dropped by then to a cool 87 degrees, but after a full summer of running and the shade of the oaks and pitch pines, I never felt hot at all.  Due to time constraints, I kept it to five miles, but could have gone much longer.  Thursday, Dan convinced me to run a slow five in Ryan Park, despite the 92 degree temperature outside.  Again, I found it not that hot to run in these conditions.  We kept the pace slow (8:20ish) and steady.  It was a surprisingly enjoyable run. 
The plan is to maybe get a speed workout in tomorrow - depending on what Earl brings us to southern RI during the day. And, I want to do a long run (2x8 mile Vin Gormley Trail) over the weekend to be prepared for the Pisgah 23K in two weeks!  Oh, and I'm excited about meeting my family down at the beach after work tonight.  Hopefully, I will get to bodysurf or bodyboard some early Earl swell.  Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of bodyboarding Danielle with my friend Jason - my best session in years. 

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  1. Way to take advantage of the "nice" weather. Not too hot for a run, and nice hurricane swell for boogie board'n. Good luck with the double Vin Gromley.