Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Weekly Log 11-29-10 to 12-5-10

Monday: 3 miles - Ryan Park trails alone.  A short, easy run late in the afternoon to shake out my (surprisingly not that sore) legs.  Perfect weather!  It's gets lonely out there this time of year, and I love it.  Untimed. 

Tuesday: 9 miles - Ryan Park trails with Dan.  My thighs were a tad more sore today, but I feel way better than anticipated after the 24 mile epic trail run on Sunday.  The pace felt good, but the time was mediocre for the first half.  We slowly picked it up as the run went on, and then hammered the last two miles.  Despite my legs being tired, this felt awesome.  Even the Garmin said we were going 6:45 pace, so you know it was fast.  Total time: 1:04:30. 

Wednesday: 0 - if I planned ahead, I would have taken an early lunch to run before the rain.  Oh well.  I guess it was windy too.  Right now there's a flashing cop car and the sound of a chainsaw outside of my house.  I'm assuming a tree fell across the road....

Thursday: 13 miles - Rome Point trails (6.5m) and Wickford roads (6.5m) with Dan and Brad.  Crisp weather.  Slowish start.  Picked it up in the woods.  Really pushed the roads back to the office.  Splits:  3.25 miles roads 24:51/6.5 miles trails 47:33/3.25 miles roads 22:03.  Total time: 1:34:28. 

Friday: 11 miles - 6 x 800 (half mile) on Quonset Bike Path with .2/.3 mile recovery between.  Long warm up on Calf Pasture Point roads and beach, 2 mile cool down on roads.  My results: 2:59/2:59/2:53/2:53/3:02/2:57 Total running time:  1:24:59.  A bit chilly and gray today.  A sneeky North wind made for erratic results I think.  My warm up was longer than anticipated - I was enjoying low tide on the beach and just cruising along not knowing how strong the wind was until I turned around.  I think my times were a tad slow due to the 13 mile effort I ran yesterday, but it was a fun workout. 

Saturday: 0 - took the kids on a morning hike in Ninigret NWR.  I was happy that they never complained about being cold despite the fact that it was.  We took Grassy Point trail down to the end, and then they played at the water's edge until the inevitable (someone would get too wet).  This lasted longer than expected, and I brought my binocs and enjoyed what wildlife was out on the pond.  I could see gannets over the beach, a great blue heron hiding in the reeds, mergansers, cormorants, gulls, and a common loon.  Instead of running in the afternoon I had to meet up with the band to work on our sound set up for our big gig next weekend. 

Sunday: 0 - good day out and about with the family.  Another zero.  Looks like I won't be catching Justin this year.... 

Weekly Total: 36 miles
Last Week: 50 miles
Year to Date: 1,295 miles (will I catch Justin with one month to go?)


  1. Not now that you posted it's possible! ;)

  2. Gannets are my 3rd favorite avian life form (after osprey and belted kingfishers)...Don't worry about catching me...your regular runs are 2-3x what I'll get me, no doubt.

    However, it is much more important to focus on things such as 10Ks in Newport (12/12/10) and getting lost on trail runs in Pachaug. Since you've expressed interest I've just been pouring over my map of Pachaug (made by the same company/guy as your Arcadia one I suspect). I've a weird fetish for cartography.

    I posted on a previous thread about potentially doing a Camel Walk (Phish reference) with you on 12/31 if you're available. Clear the calendar, Mr. Bass Thumper!! :)

    PS-speaking of bass, check out: