Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weekly Log 12-20-10 to 12-26-10

Monday: 0 - stomach virus.  Apparently Jackson (my son) and I picked it up at a birthday party I brought him to on Saturday.  Just about everyone there got it.  Awesome. 

Tuesday: 0 - not well enough to run. 

Wednesday: 0 - planning to run, but my body still didn't feel up to it. 

Thursday: 12 miles - South County Bike Path with Dan.  Good to run again!  We started from the Kingston train station and headed SW to Wakefield.  With a NW wind, we were cruising along nice and easy.  At the turnaround, we finally got to experience head on what we weren't noticing before - a very strong wind!  Our miles got slower and Dan told me to go ahead after 9 miles.  I wanted to run 6:45 pace the rest of the way.  1st mile 6:48, 2nd 7:05 - wow this stretch was windy, 3rd mile 6:33 - really windy but I was going all out.  Total time - 1:29:28. 

Friday: 0 - busy Xmas eve.  My kids and I hiked Mt Tom in the morning.  No one complained about the cold or the long walk!  Even my 3 year old made it the entire way without me carrying her on my shoulders. 

Saturday: 0 - Xmas day.  My wife got me some really nice winter running clothes.  Greg approved.  He got me Yaktrax for running in the snow and ice and some anti-bonking products.  We had 17 people at our house for dinner. 

Sunday: 8 miles - Shumunkanuc Hill roads and Vin Gormley trail early before the heavier snow.  I got to try out the new gear and loved it all - including the Yaktrax - really comfortable to wear over my trail shoes.  I ran into a pack of mtn bikers (slightly friendly).  I didn't wear a watch, but did peek at the time before I left and when I returned - about 59 minutes. 

Weekly Total: 20 miles
Last Week: 42 miles
Year to Date: 1,377 miles

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