Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekly Log 5-16-11 to 5-22-11

Monday: 7 miles - Rome Point trails 4M with Brad (28:17) and Saunderstown hills (roads) 3M alone.  Dreary weather day.  I was happy to have company on the trails and then I tacked on a couple of decent hills at a good pace.  Total time: 49:01. 

Tuesday: 9 miles - Ryan Park trails with Dan.  After telling my brother on the phone that I wanted to take it easy this week, and Dan asking if I wanted to run an easy 9 miles with him, I almost PR'ed today.  Dan tricked me into running hard.  I felt like we were going 5K pace, and I was having trouble staying on him.  After about 4 miles, he backed off, but told me to keep it up.  This is about the point that my body starts to feel really comfortable, so I did as I was told.  After making it through the tougher single track, I found myself sprinting the old railroad bed.  I was trying to figure out how hard to push myself, as I wasn't hurting leg-wise or breathing-wise.  I continued through the fields, working on my effort.  I finished up in 57:40 - not quite a PR (57:17 on 3/22/11), but an unexpected great run. 

Wednesday: 9 miles - Rome Point trails alone.  Considering the weather this week, I was able to run in some decent conditions today - brightening skies and 65 degrees.  I stuck to my plan of taking it easy, even though my splits weren't too shabby.  Total time: 67 min. 

Thursday: 9 miles - 8x400(??) workout on Quonset Bike Path with Calf Pasture Point warm up and cool down.  Okay, I'm getting frustrated not knowing exactly where all the 400 marks are, and I'm wishing I could borrow a stupid Garmin watch to figure it out.  Zooming in online only works so well.  I have a good idea where the first 400 mark is (4th tree on the left after the last garden on the right - do I sound crazy?), so my SOP is to record that time, and then run for the same amount of time on the next 7 400's.  The first 400 I tried to really push myself, and I clocked in at 82 seconds.  It felt hard, and I wasn't excited about repeating it 7 more times.  Maybe it was the humid and warm weather.  Anyway, I completed the workout, whatever it was.  Total time: 66:30. 

Friday: 12 miles - Charlestown Breachway to Moonstone Beach via the beach, then Green Hill and Charlestown roads plus more beach alone.  This was not Plan A or Plan B.  I knew I had a half day at work so that I could help my wife set up her annual library book sale and then I was going to pick my son up at school.  There was a decent window in between for me to run.  I was going to run the Gravelly Hill trails, but the sun came out, and I had the urge to run along the ocean.  I thought I should be able to run the shore from the breachway all the way to Matunuck and back.  I knew there was a possibility of a salt pond breach that would cut short my beach run, so I was prepared to change course if necessary.  The weather was perfect and not too windy.  The tide was pretty high, and I had trouble getting around a couple of manmade rock piles protecting ocean front homes in Green Hill.  I hit Moonstone Beach and then I ran into a piping plover road block.  For some reason, instead of just certain areas roped off for them near the dunes, the entire beach down below the mean high tide line (state of RI public right of way!) was posted as no access.  I was annoyed by this, but the tide was so high that I would have to run in the restricted area if I wanted to continue.  So, I turned around and hopped onto the Green Hill neighborhood roads (which were more numerous and confusing than I expected).  I decided to head north to Rte 1A and then west to the Charlestown post office.  I ran by the house I rented my senior year (for sale), and then into the neighborhood where my wife and her friends rented in college.  I made my way back to the beach, and decided to run the shore again back to the breachway.  All little more roads than I wanted, but a nice 1:30 run in the sun! 

Saturday: 0 - quiet morning with the kids, then afternoon spent setting up band equipment followed by football, basketball, and 3 hours of nonstop bass slappin' at night (50 songs!). 

Sunday: 0 - tired! 

Weekly Total: 46 miles
Last Week: 53 miles
Year to Date: 845 miles

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  1. There is something called a track that is exactly 400 meters. They're pretty amazing things. You don't need a garmin, just a high school track. Good workout though. 82 seconds = 5:28 pace.