Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weekly Log 5-2-11 to 5-8-11

Monday: 9 miles - Saunderstown hilly roads alone.  I'm beginning to think that the new hill I found (Plum Point Rd), is steeper and harder than the Gilbert Stuart Road one.  Luckily, this course hits both, plus two more.  I never felt great (I'm blaming yard work and shoulder rides), but I was pleased with my effort and total time of 67:30. 

Tuesday: 10 miles - Wickford roads alone.  I ran a flat course that Dan and I had run a couple of times last year.  I again didn't feel fast, but pushed ahead, determined to go sub 70 minutes on tired legs.  I cursed the strong SE wind when applicable.  I was enjoying the new shade created by leafing trees, and was able to reach my goal - total time 69:03. 

Wednesday:  9 miles - Rome Point trails and beach solo.  The gray, but dry weather was welcomed.  It also kept the majority of the humans and their best friends away.  My plan was to keep my pace under control, and it felt good to not push myself.  I was a tad annoyed that the calm wind reported on the weather sites was too good to be true, and I encountered a stiff headwind on the beach.  It was nice to see a new face out there running though.  And the skate I almost stepped on.  Total time: 65:00. 

Thursday: 10 miles - 6x800 workout on Quonset Bike Path with Calf Pasture Point warm up and cool down.  Sort of a strange weather day - sunny one minute, raining the next, repeated often.  I was enjoying the bird activity on the warm up and cool down, and even stopped to "pish" a yellow colored warbler in closer to me (couldn't identify it).  The workout itself began disappointingly, but got better.  I thought I would be 2:55 plus or minus 2 seconds, but was upset that my first two were 2:59 and 2:58.  I wasn't pushing myself that hard, and was expecting to hit my target without a great effort.  I picked up the intensity, and kept getting faster.  My last 800 was interrupted halfway in by an unleashed doberman.  I had to stop and protect myself while the owner attempted to corral it. 
I'm getting tired of this.  Your dog is not well behaved around people.  Keep it on its leash!  Anyway the results:  2:59/2:58/2:56/2:55/2:54/2:52  total time: 1:13:32. 

Friday: 6 miles - Burlingame trails alone.  I had the day "off" from work to help my dad move furniture out of my grandfather's house and into his.  I knew it was going to be a tiring day, but I figured out a way to sneek a run in.  I ran to my dad's house via the woods, and packed my small Camelbak with a change of clothes.  I was expecting to go slow, due to my workout the day before, but was feeling really good.  I hit some of my favorite trails on the way for a total time of 43:40.  Moving was exhausting though. 

Saturday: 0 - aquarium and lunch with my kids and my mom.  Carpenter bee tennis around my house. 

Sunday: 6 miles - Burlingame trails alone.  I wasn't considering running today, but my wife told me I should go run in the morning.  I was moving pretty good despite not trying too hard.  Total time: 42:09. 

Weekly Total: 50 miles
Last Week: 48 miles
Year to Date: 746 miles

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