Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekly Log 5-31-11 to 6-5-11

Monday: 6 miles - Burlingame trails alone.  I thought that Sunday's weather was soupy, but this morning was worse, so I don't know how to describe it.  My lungs felt wheezy at times, despite my "recovery" pace and the fact I never have breathing issues anymore.  I debated taking a zero, but I had the opportunity to run in the morning and went for it.  At the top of a hill, another runner approached me, and he looked like he was in pretty bad shape - so it wasn't just me.  Total time: 45:30. 

Tuesday: 9 miles - Ryan Park trails solo.  I was curious how my body would feel in the warm weather today - 85 degrees, but dry.  I planned on 9 miles, but I would cut it to 7 if I was too hot.  This never materialized, and what began as an easy paced run, evolved into a sprint by the end.  My body regulated itself well, and I didn't feel thirsty or overheated.  It was a little warm in the direct sun, but pleasant in the woods.  The grasses in the fields have grown noticeably in two weeks, and are now shoulder high and full of grasshoppers that sound like miniature dirtbikes.  The single track trails were very spider webby - I guess no one has been through them in a while.  I also ran into my first of season deer flies.  Total time: 62:38. 

Wednesday: 10 miles - Quonset Bike Path 9x400 workout with Calf Pasture Point warm up and cool down.  The forecast was a little ominous, so I got my run in a little earlier than normal.  It was 80 degrees, sunny, and humid.  Oh, and really eerily windy.  My legs felt pretty good today and I was looking forward to the speed work.  The first 5 400's were directly in the wind most of the time and were probably run in the high 80's.  After the first two, I had the urge to quit the workout, but after another two, I was sort of enjoying it, and added an extra 400 at the end.  I forced myself to complete my planned cooldown.  My reward was a delicious dark roast ice coffee.  Total time: 1:14:48. 

Thursday: 9 miles - Saunderstown hilly roads alone.  My hamstrings were noticeably sore today after yesterday's speedwork, but I was still looking forward to running the hills.  I ran the usual (harder) route, and at a pretty good pace.  I probably should have gone slower and not pushed myself so much.  The highlight was flushing a night heron out of the Gilbert Stuart stream.  Total time: 65:38. 

Friday: 7 miles - Rome Point trails with coworker.  I thought I would do more miles today, but my legs were not up to it.  We took it slow and steady.  Total time: 54:53. 

Saturday: 0 - day wedding for my band

Sunday: 10 miles - South County bike path 4 miles in the afternoon.  I ran alongside my son and his friends on their bikes.  The weather was perfect, and the bike path was busy.  My son was definitely very tired and wanted to quit after 2 and half miles, but I was proud that he was able to finish it all.  Lots of quick stops and various rates of speed.  Bullhead in Genesee Swamp, and a good sized water snake very close to my feet.  Later in the afternoon I ran 6 miles in Burlingame (down to the pond and back).  My first mile (on the road) was just under 7 minutes, so I tried to continue that pace (and improve it) as I ran my favorite trails.  I wasn't pushing too hard, but I felt good and fast.  Total time: 41:19. 

Overall:  I was happy to get to 50 miles again.  It felt like an easy week of running for some reason - nothing long or too fast. 
Weekly Total: 51 miles
Last Week: 61 miles
Year to Date: 957 miles


  1. Jonny, nice week last week! Sorry I couldn't get down. I'm in for the first. Did you invite Bentley?