Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekly Log 5-9-11 to 5-15-11

Monday: 9 miles - Saunderstown hilly roads alone.  This is the third week in a row I've done this route (counter clockwise), and I wanted it to be my fastest.  The problem is that I never feel fast doing this hilly course.  It was another nice sunny day and it was wonderful running the scenic back roads.  It's hard to tell if I'm improving on the big climbs, because it always feels really tough, but I think that I may be running them faster as time goes on.  I was happy with the total time of 65:19. 

Tuesday: 10 miles - Wickford roads solo.  Another repeat from last week - I wanted a fast 10 mile time with fresher legs.  The gray cool weather was ideal for running, but the screaming wind at times was not (at least when it was in my face!).  Last week I ran 69:03 without trying too hard and on tired legs, so I was guessing I could easily go 67 minutes.  My secret hope was that I could be 66 or faster.  My first mile was 6:21, and then I tried to push through my normal miles 2 through 5 let down.  At the 5 mile point I was at 32:54, which is definitely a PR for me.  I was really excited about this, but I was a little weary that it was wind-aided, and the next 5 would be more challenging (a lot more headwind).  I found my thoughts wavering between consciously thinking about running faster and random day dreaming, only to be interrupted periodically by a barking dog or a car creeping into the shoulder.  My breathing felt great, and I think it's only my leg speed that keeps my running back.  I was really excited to see my final time of 65:40 - 6:34 pace!  My final 5 miles clocked in at 32:46.  I recovered quickly, and know that I could go faster in a race situation.  63?? 

Wednesday: 9 miles - Ryan Park trails with Dan.  Blogger erased this day from my blog.  Thanks.  69:52. 

Thursday: 7 miles - Rome Point tails with Tom.  I haven't had the chance to run with him in a long time - six kids under six will do that!  It also has made him a fast runner.  If he gets to run, it's only for a half hour and he makes it count.  The plan was to run 4 miles with him and then do a few more on my own.  He immediately broke out into a quick pace, and I just tried to keep close enough to still hear him talk.  We made it to the point in 8:30 - the fastest I've ever done it for sure.  We continued on, weaving through the cedar grove in record time and then he dusted me on the hill.  I was very impressed.  After four (plus) miles we returned to the parking lot in 27:09.  I debated even going back out, since my legs were dead.  I figured a cooldown would be beneficial so I tacked on 3 slow miles. 

Friday: 10 miles - Quonset Bike Path and Calf Pasture Point roads, trails, and beach alone.  Finally, a nice sunny day, and I was looking forward to running in the great weather, despite my tired legs.  I was expecting to see more people wandering around, but found I had the paths to myself for the most part.  The only unusual sighting was a 40 ft double wide dock that washed up on the beach from somewhere, and a dead wild turkey, also on the beach.  Total time: 1:16:17. 

Saturday: 0 - home with the kids

Sunday: 8 miles - Burlingame (eastside) trails alone.  A dark run after dinner on my favorite home trails - unblazed mtn bike trail to Sammy C's to Vin Gormley to more unblazed mtn bike trails.  I was moving pretty good and really felt it in my lungs on the quick steep ascents.  No cougars or coyotes, not that I was running from them.... Total time: 55:56. 

Overall: Fun week!  Excited about the 10 miler on Tuesday.  I think I want to do mostly trails this upcoming week. 

Weekly Total: 53 miles
Last Week: 50 miles
Year to Date: 799 miles


  1. A 63 for 10 puts you in the top 50 at the Blessing! Great run, Jonny!!

  2. Thanks Muddy! I've had that race on my mind this week for some reason.

  3. Jonny, that really is one hell of a run. But, more impressive is the consistent week to month running you've been putting in. I don't know how far you want to go with your running but you are getting damn good!