Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Good than Bad

It's been an interesting week so far.  Monday, I woke up early prepared to get a good run in before the heat and the holiday festivities.  I was out the door at 7AM, ready to knock out 9 miles.  The first up and down mile was on the road, and I ran it in 6:45.  I then entered the woods and ran my favorite Burlingame trails determined to keep up the pace.  All was well until I entered the old camp area on the pond.  I was wondering if the illegal campers my brothers and I observed on Saturday (and the same people on the holiday weekend last year) were still there.  Well, before I could reach their tents, I was chased down by their pitbull/mixed breed dog.  I sternly shouted at this mutt to stop and go back.  Then as I turned the corner I had to practically step on four tents right on the trail.  I heard a woman praise the dog.  I wanted to shout at them that I was calling the DEM, but I held my tongue.  Heading away from the pond, I startled a creature that sounded pretty big, but not a deer.  As I continued on, I thought I heard the creature moving through the woods behind me.  Yikes.  This made me go faster, and run to the more heavily used Vin Gormley Trail, rather than the desolate mtn. biking ones.  Things had calmed down, and I reached the road portion over Poquiant Brook.  I re-entered the woods, and on a rather smooth section of trail I tripped.  As I fell I decided to roll on my back as I was going to land on rocks and roots.  I hit pretty hard, but rolled right back up to my feet and kept running.  I was in pain.  Then I was greeted by unleashed growling dogs.  I couldn't pretend to be pleasant to the owners, especially when one of the dogs chased after me when I resumed running.  I was pissed and mumbled something that made me feel better, but hopefully not loud enough for the people to hear.  They knew I was angry though.  I completed a little loop of trails and then opted to stay on the roads up Shumunkanuc Hill rather than run into more trouble in the woods.  At least I would get a good hill workout, and maintained 7 minute pace for the two miles of hills.  I finished up the "9" miles in 64:44, and was annoyed that I probably ran more than that.  Later in the day, my family hiked with my parents through Ninigret for a picnic.  The kids had fun splashing around in the water and Pard and I saw a spotted sandpiper, willet, osprey with striped bass, and other common birds.  It is a good year for milkweed. 

Tuesday was hot.  I was super busy at work and not really into the idea of running.  My body was sore from either the run yesterday or carrying my daughter on my shoulders.  I finally had to leave my desk and decided to give running a shot.  I went to Rome Point as I can stay in the shade almost the entire time, and I would have places to cool off in the bay if needed.  The temperature was 90 degrees.  As I ran though, I felt pretty good.  Tight, but that was it.  I reached the point in just under 10 minutes, so I knew I was doing okay.  I kept up this pace, stopping only once at 27 minutes to cool off a little, but finished my newish 8 mile course in 59:17.  I was pleased to have a decent run in those conditions. 

On Wednesday, I returned to Rome Point.  It was another hot day - 88 degrees and the weatherman told me it was humid.  Ho hum.   My plan was to run fastish for 3 miles or so.  I reached the point in under 9 minutes without overdoing it.  I decided to keep it up until I reached the bay.  I hit the beach at 24:16 - almost 3 minutes fater than yesterday.  I stopped briefly to get wet, and then ran on, even faster.  By the time I finished, I was cruising, despite the heat, and feeling great.  My time was 52:16 - 6:30 pace  and I believe it - 7 minutes faster than yesterday.  


  1. Damn Jonny! Nice runs. You are an animal! Screw humans and their unleashed hounds from hell. You should run with a John J. Rambo survival knife next time, (just in case that mountain lion lurking in the underbrush attacks too).

  2. or at least some pepper spray!