Monday, July 4, 2011

Weekly Log 6-28-11 to 7-3-11

Monday: 19 miles - Reverse Arcadia Loop with Boj.  Total time: 2:32. 

Tuesday: 8 miles - Rome Point trails alone.  I wasn't too motivated to run after yesterday's epic adventure, but I eventually enjoyed cruising around the bay today.  Total time: 59:24. 

Wednesday: 10 miles -  Big River trails alone.  I thought it would be fun to do something different.  I decided to do the Big River trails around Carr Pond, but instead of running a loop, I would run for 5 miles and then turn around and run them the other way.  It was a hot day - low 80's and humid.  Instantly I was pleased with my decision.  I forgot how fun and challenging the single track trails are to run.  Lots of up and down terrain too.  I was pushing it pretty hard.  I came to a natural stopping point at about 36 minutes and turned around there.  The trails are so numerous and confusing in this area (a ridge between two ponds), I was happy that I made the correct turns.  I passed a group of teenagers and thought that I must have looked ridiculous to them - a disgustingly sweaty man sprinting through the woods - and I was waiting for them to shout something at me.  After 8 miles, the tricky footing was beginning to wear me out mentally.  I made one last charge up the long hill to my car and finished up in 72 minutes. 

Thursday: 7 miles - Ryan Park with coworker.  Another warm day, but my body is well adapted to the conditions.  We took it slow for the 5 miles through the woods.  This was one of those runs where when you think back to it, you don't remember even running sections of it.  I finished up the last two miles alone in the fields.  Total time: 55:30. 

Friday: 0 - fishing with my dad, brothers, brother in law, and Muddy Puddin.  See other post for video and pics. 

Saturday: 11 miles - Burlingame trails with Glenn and Greg.  A really great run in the morning before my brothers headed back to NH.  We ran from my parents house up to the old camp, looped up to the mtn bike trails to Sammy C's, then ran back mostly on the Vin Gormley Trail.  The pace was easy for the most part, but the technical trails were tiring after a while.  The three of us have never done a run together this long before!  Total time: 1:26:24. 

Sunday: 0

Weekly Total: 55 miles
Last Week: 53 miles
Year to Date: 1174 miles

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