Thursday, August 18, 2011

Weekly Log 8-15-11 to 8-21-11

Monday: 7 miles - Burdickville Road and Rte 91 to Bradford boat launch and back.  I was looking forward to running after dinner, as the 5+ inches of rain looked like they had ended.  They didn't.  It was wet.  This course is pretty hilly and I felt like I was giving it a good effort.  I was a little nervous with how dark it was.  Total time:  48:56 (short 7). 

Tuesday: 6 miles - Stoddard, NH dirt roads and trails with Greg.  We slipped out in the afternoon as we waited for the weather to improve for a hike up Pitcher Mountain.  We headed uphill from my parents new house.  By uphill, I mean it was all uphill for 3 miles and then we turned around.  It looks like there are a ton of snowmobile trails to explore.  When we got back (44 minutes) we sprinted up and down the driveway with the kids over and over again.  After dinner we summited Pitcher Mountain where there were plenty of blueberries left to pick. 

Wednesday: 4 miles - Stoddard, NH dirt roads with Sarah.  My wife and I ran the lower roads closest to the lake.  After visiting our favorite lunch spot in Keene, we met up with the Pisgah Twins for a hike in Pisgah State Park.  Very fun and busy day. 

Thursday: 14 miles - Burlingame trails (9M) and surrounding roads (5M) solo.  I got out early enough to beat the heat.  More deer flies around than I cared for.  When I reached the intersection of the VG trail and Klondike Road, I opted for the road to avoid the swampy sections.  I ran south to the campground  entrance and then picked up the North South Trail there.  I really like this section of trails - rolling dry oak/pine forest.  I again reached the wet areas of the VG trail, but the deer flies gave me a break.  I felt strong throughout the entire run - some foot fatigue the last couple of miles but I was wearing my new Merrill Trail Gloves and I hadn't gone more than 6 miles in them yet.  Running for 1:47 seems pretty easy these days. 

Friday: 0 - Jackson's 6th birthday - morning trip to the zoo and then a kids' party at the beach in the late afternoon/evening. 

Saturday: 0 - Ellie's 4th birthday - family party at the house

Sunday: 0 - lot's of family still around

Sidebar: Thursday night I developed a rash over my body and went to the walk in because it was creeping me out.  Bad case of contact dermatitis.  The culprit is most likely a soap I showered with.  I thought it was cleared up on Friday morning, but it came back in the afternoon after sweating.  Apparently it is going to come and go for a while until the harsh chemical works itself out of my body.  It definitely gets aggravated by sweating so I don't know if I want to attempt running.  I hope it clears up soon! 

Overall:  Tough week.  I thought I could get to 50, but then got hit with the skin rash.  Disgusting.  Hopefully, back to normal Monday.  Not many miles the last two weeks, but that was planned as I had two awesome weeks off with my family.  I want to get back to 50-65 miles a week for the rest of the year. 

Weekly Total: 31 miles
Last Week: 25 miles
Year to Date: 1466 miles

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