Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekly Log 8-8-11 to 8-14-11

Monday: 0 - 4 mile hike around Little Long Pond on Mt. Desert Island, Maine. 

Tuesday: 0 - 3 mile hike up and down Day Mountain.  I mixed in a few short hill sprints to check up on the slower hikers (the young kids). 

Wednesday: 8 miles - Lamoine paved and unpaved roads alone.  A rainy day, I had the opportunity to run in the morning as we waited to hike in the afternoon.  I was thinking of doing something longer, but the rain and time constraints lead me to repeat a run I did last year.  I started off at a good pace and then tried to maintain it until picking up the last couple of miles.  I felt like I was doing race pace for a decent portion of it.  I finished up in 55:02.  In the afternoon we did a 1.5 mile hike on the carriage roads around Jordan Pond House (after having afternoon tea and popovers).  The hike was really nice despite the rain. 

Thursday: 0 - I took my son out in the morning to do a short hike, but we never found the trailhead.  Instead we stopped at the Tidal Falls in Hancock and watched the tide push its way upriver.  In the afternoon, we enjoyed a nature cruise out of Northeast Harbor where we saw harbor seals, guillemonts, bald eagles, among other things.  The boat docked on Little Cranberry Island and we walked around for a mile or so exploring. 

Friday: 5 miles - Eagle Point dirt roads with Sarah.  My wife has announced her plans to run the Lil' Rhody Runaround this year and this was her second run of the week.  We wandered around the roads for about 3 miles and then I ran 2 more on my own.  I threw in a couple of hill sprints.  The rest of the day was spent at Schoodic Point where we spent a long time rock climbing and tide pooling.  Then we embarked on a really fun yet challenging hike up the Anvil Trail to the summit of Schoodic Head.  This two mile hike felt like five. 

Saturday: 0 - travel day back home.  We spent a few hours at the Christensen's house where I got in some backyard football. 

Sunday: 12 miles - Burlingame trails and Shumunkanuc Hill roads alone.  This run felt really good.  It was damp and the trails were wet.  Muddy warned me about the deer flies, but I only killed a half dozen.  I was pleased with my consistent effort through the woods.  At one point I met up with some teenagers mtn biking (no helmets!?), and one kid said to the others as I passed, "This guy is a beast dude."  Made my day.  Total time: 1:30:15. 

Overall: Awesome vacation week in Maine with family and friends.  Not many miles running, but I was completely content hiking where the mountains meet the sea.  Throw in a 33 pounder on my shoulders for most of it, and it made for quite a workout too.  I even ran with my wife for the first time in 8 years.  Next week will be a mileage challenge as well - 2nd week of vacation will be spent preparing for and executing two parties as well as a two day trip up to New Hampshire - maybe I'll get to run with the Pisgah Twins.   

Weekly Total: 25 miles
Last Week: 53 miles
Year to Date: 1435 miles

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