Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Weekly Log 8-22-11 to 8-28-11

Monday: 6 miles - Gravelly Hill out and back trail alone.  This run felt good(ish). At first I felt weird, and I was worried running was going to aggravate the skin rash that seemed to be almost gone. Then I felt great as I knew I would be okay and my pace was fast (but easy). Then my chest felt tight (anxiety) at the halfway point and I dealt with that issue the rest of the way. My times were excellent however - 20:59 out and 20:31 back (3 miles each). Mixed bag for sure, but the result was pleasing.

Tuesday: 0 - day spent dealing with high anxiety and no running. 

Wednesday: 9 miles - Ryan Park trails alone.  I'm just trying to get back to normal with running and life.  Today's run was a good step.  My body was tight, but I was able to maintain a consistent pace throughout this run, and felt relaxed by the time I finished.  My lower legs are pretty sore from the Trail Gloves.  I still love them.  Total time: 65:18. 

Thursday: 10 miles - Rome Point trails solo.  Pretty muggy day, but at least it was cloudy and breezy.  Good run today on tired legs.  Total time: 68:33. 

Friday: 14 miles - Ryan Park trails mostly alone.  I'm feeling fit again.  My plan was to get in 10 miles in the heat.  It was 86 degrees, sunny, and the dew point was 70.  Pulling into the parking lot, I saw Dan's car, so I thought maybe if I could find him, I would run with him for as long as he was still out there.  I headed off into the woods, and after a little over two miles, I ran into him (literally).  So, I turned around and ran with him back to his car.  Then I continued into the fields and improvised some trails to get to 7 miles (52:30).  I stopped for water at my car, and then headed out for the 5 mile woods loop.  A few minutes in, I noticed how fantastic I felt.  Gone was the body tightness from anxiety, and instead of a hot recovery trudge, I was feeling peppy.  I decided to go for 14 miles.  That's what I did.  By the time I was finishing up in the fields, I was getting a little fatigued, but I was elated with how good this run was for my mind and body.  Total time: 1:45:10. 

Saturday: AM 4 miles - Shumunkanuc Hill roads alone.  Just a quick run before my wife went to work.  I cranked this one.  Legs feel great.  Wish I wore a watch.  Fun day with the kids after - scooters on the bike path, Beaver River playground in the rain, Senor Flacos at night. 

Sunday:  0 - woke up at 4:15AM surprised by how strong the winds already were.  I did a couple of chores I planned to do in the morning as I was nervous we were going to lose power early.  Went back to sleep.  Winds were crazy between 6-8AM and then calmed down for a while.  Cranking again now at 11AM, but no rain for quite some time.  I saw a local runner pass by my house as I was watching a particularly strong breeze.  I appreciate the dedication, but my road is heavily wooded, and probably not a great idea - hopefully not a Darwin Award situation.  I still hoping to get a run in this evening after things calm down.  Wind never calmed down - no running today. 

Weekly Total: 43 miles
Last Week: 31 miles
Year to Date: 1509 miles

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  1. Nice run on Friday. I'm glad you are feeling like your old self.